Max Gheorghiu

Graduate Student

2022: Visiting postgraduate research student at the University of Southampton from August to December
2019–present: PhD in Mathematics under the supervision of A. Adem (in progress)
2018–2019: MSc in Mathematical Sciences, University of Oxford, UK
2015–2018: Mathematics BSc, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Research Interests
My general research area is group theory. More specifically, I am writing my dissertation on cohomology of profinite groups and have a side project on right-angled Artin groups. I have recently become involved in the development of condensed mathematics with applications to group cohomology through my visit to the University of Southampton. The underlying theme of all my projects is the quest of understanding the structure of groups. For this I like to employ homological, geometric or combinatorial methods or to look at the topology of a group.

Students and Postdocs