Dr. Brian Wetton


Brian Wetton obtained a PhD in Mathematics from the Courant Institute of NYU in 1991. He is currently a Professor in the UBC Mathematics Department.

His research interests include Scientific Computation, Industrial Mathematics, and Modelling Electrochemical Systems.

He is the winner of the 1992 Kurt O. Friedrichs award for his PhD thesis, the 2000 Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences Industrial Outreach Prize, the 2008 Alan Blizzard award for Collaborative Projects that Improve Student Learning, and the 2010 CAIMS/MITACS Industrial Research Prize. He was the leader of the Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computation group of MITACS 1999-2008 and Director of the UBC Institute of Applied Mathematics 2013-2018.

My original background is in Numerical Analysis of methods used to compute approximate solutions of partial differential equations. I have since become more motivated by industrial applications and have developed a skill in mathematical modelling. I have interest in models coming from materials science and electrochemical systems. Recent work has been focused on time stepping for phase field models describing phenomena in materials science, as well as more applied work modelling Lithium Ion batteries. A new direction is the analysis and numerical computation of general implicit moving boundary problems.

Students and Postdocs