Past Events

E.g., Jul 1, 2024

Miguel Moreira

The cohomology ring of moduli spaces of 1-dimensional sheaves on the projective plane

April 15, 2024

The cohomology of moduli spaces of 1-dimensional sheaves, together with a special filtration called the perverse filtration, can be used to give an intrinsic definition of (refined) Gopakumar-Vafa invariants. While there are methods to calculate the Betti numbers of these moduli spaces in low... Read more

  • Intercontinental Moduli and Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Benjamin Anderson-Sackaney

University of Saskatchewan
From Groups to Quantum Groups and Their Operator Algebras

April 12, 2024

ESB 1012 (PIMS building)

Every group admits a faithful unitary representation on some Hilbert space. In other words, every group can be realized concretely as symmetries on a Hilbert space. From these representations we can construct certain operator algebras known as C*-algebras. These group C*-algebras enable an... Read more

Ling Long

Louisiana State University
Hypergeometric functions through the arithmetic kaleidoscope

April 11, 2024

ESB 4133

The classical theory of hypergeometric functions, developed by generations of mathematicians including Gauss, Kummer, and Riemann, has been used substantially in the ensuing years within number theory, geometry, and the intersection thereof. In more recent decades, these classical ideas have... Read more

  • Number Theory

Alexander Zimin

Inequalities in Graph Percolation

April 10, 2024

Percolation on a graph is a random process that divides the edges into two groups: open and closed. Events such as "vertices v and w are connected via a path of open edges" occur within this process. We investigate the dependencies between these events and inequalities concerning their... Read more

  • Probability

Sarafa Adewale Iyaniwura

A multiscale mathematical model of chronic hepatitis B virus infection

April 10, 2024

PIMS Lounge ESB 4133

As the search for a cure for chronic hepatitis B virus infection continues, pharmaceutical companies have developed antivirals that target different stages of the intracellular life cycle of the virus. Earlier developed drugs such as pegylated interferon and nucleos(t)ide analogues (NAs) have... Read more

Yibo Gao

Peking University
Quantum Bruhat graphs and tilted Richardson varieties

April 9, 2024

The quantum Bruhat graph is introduced by Brenti-Fomin-Postnikov to study structure constants of the quantum cohomology ring of the flag variety, with very rich combinatorial structures. In this talk, we provide an explicit formula for the minimal degree appearing in the quantum product of any... Read more

  • Discrete mathematics

James Carrell

Vector fields and cohomology

April 8, 2024

MATH 126

In this expository talk, let X be a smooth complex projective variety and V a holomorphic vector field on X such that 0 < |zero(V)| < \infty. Then the cohomology algebra H*(X) over C can be recovered from local data near the zero scheme Z of V. More precisely, when the upper triangular... Read more

  • Algebra and Algebraic geometry

Rachel Greenfeld

School of Mathematics of the Institute for Advanced Study
Tiling, Sudoku, Domino, and Decidability

April 5, 2024

ESB 1012 (PIMS building)

Translational tiling is a covering of a space (such as Euclidean space) using translated copies of one building block, called a "translational tile'', without any positive measure overlaps. Can we determine whether a given set is a translational tile? Does any translational tile admit a periodic... Read more

Hannah Keese

Active learning in the math majors sections of matrix algebra and multivariable calculus

April 5, 2024

Math 225

I will discuss my implementation of active learning methods in the math majors sections of matrix algebra (Math 221) and multivariable calculus (Math 200), covering some examples of the course materials I used, the students' response to the learning methods, and outcomes from the semester. I... Read more

Amir Moradifam

Rigidity of Hawking Mass for Stable Constant Mean Curvature Spheres

April 4, 2024

ESB 4133

In this talk, I will discuss recent work in which we establish the rigidity of the Hawking mass for stable constant mean curvature spheres, addressing a problem posed by Robert Bartnik in 2002. More precisely, we demonstrate that any complete Riemannian three-manifold with non-negative scalar... Read more

  • Differential geometry
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Partial Differential Equations